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 Fixtures and accessories                          LED Lighting


                                WHY GO L E D?

                             Light Emitting Diode


                        Surface Mount Technology

Energy Consumption: 1/20th Power Consumption draw on average of

                            incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Longevity: 50,000 to 1000,000 hours continuous warranty. It is a solid state

                    device with no moving parts. Shock and Vibration resistant.

Thermal Concerns: LED's do not become hot compared to incandescent and

                    halogen bulbs. The bulbs have heat dissipation devices.

Environmentally Friendly: LED bulbs do not require constant replacement

                    unlike traditional bulbs. Less impact on the environment when

                    it is unnecessary to discard and replace them regularly.


Navigation Bulbs: LED Navigation Replacement bulbs emit a different

    wavelength than traditional incandescent bulbs. Therefore, Red LEDs are

    required behind Red lenses and Green LEDs are required behind Green

    Lenses. Otherwise our eye perceives color distortion and Red become pink,

    while Green becomes blue. Our navigation bulbs are Coast Guard approved

    for 2nm.

Interior Bulbs: There are 126 different options available for bulb replacement

    of interior lighting aboard marine craft. Bring us your bulbs and we will find

   the LED replacement appropriate for your application.

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