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House-14392 $52.00

BlueSea Deckhand Dimmer has illuminated exit with adjustable time delay. Digitally controls dimming on non-regulated LED's, incandescent, and halogen lights.

12V; 6A

SprC-4 Mast Light $575.00 Reduced to $460.00

KerJ1-7 $125.00

Electric Brass Ship's Lamp.

110v or 12v depending on Bulb Used.

17" high X 9" wide.

House-245 $48.00

Cabin Light Elvstrom Fork

House-2449 $32.00

5" Brass Dome Light

House-3108 $46.00

Series 40 Starboard Nav Light

House-3109 $46.00

Series 40 Port Light

House-2806 $49.00

Series 40 Stem Light

House-5403 $35.00

Steaming/Deck light

House-3408 $15.00

Series 25 Port Light

House-3407 $15.00

Series 25 Starboard Light

House-3252 $15.00

Series 25 Bicolor Nav Light

House-3292 $16.00

Series 25 Stern Light

House-1964 $16.00

Series 25 Anchor Light

House-4869 $10.00

Series 20 Port Light

House-4868 $10.00

Series 20 Starboard Light

House-3406 $10.00

Series 20 Stern Light

House-4212 $60.00

LED S/S Port and Starboard navigation lights; USCG 2NM approved

WarD-3 $50.00 each

Bronze Transom light. Complete. quantity 1

House-3457 $95.00

30Amp 125V; 50' powercord

House-4670 $190.00

NEW Smart Plug;

Easily retrofits to your boat's existing shorepower unit

Reduces electrical shorts from loose connections

Intuitive to use- only one plug-in orientation- even in the dark.

Triple waterproof neoprene seals prevent corrosion.Trip-style thermostat built right into receptacle.

Certified ETL, and meets ABYC E-11 standards.

7 year warranty

House-5301 $28.00

LED Stern light with Pole

House-3055 $26.00

LED Stern Light with suction attachment

House-5104 $33.00

LED Bi-Color Light with suction attachment

House-2203 $45.00

81A Marinco Adapter; 15A or 20A 125V straight blade to 30A 125V locking

House-1426 $45.00

Marinco 83A adapter 30A locking to 15A straight

House-1969 $40.00

6 Gang Switch Panel

House-4858 $47.00

Switch Panel with Lighter and Tester

House-3758 $48.00

Battery Switch Main with Key

House-1803 $2.20

Inline Fuse Holder

House-1138 $1.50

Fuse Holder

House-1666 $6.00

2 Gang Fuse Block

House-1667 $10.00

4 Gang Fuse Block

House-4859 $12.00

4 Gang Fuse Block with Hot Feed

House-5462 $17.00

6 Gang Fuse Block with Hot Feed

House-1669 $16.00

8 Gang Fuse Block

House-1965 $6.00

4 Position Terminal Block

House-834 $16.00

4 Gang Heavy Duty Terminal Block

House-1473 $16.00

10 Gang Heavy Duty Terminal Block

House-4862 $6.00

Socket Polycarbonate

House-1709 $10.00

Socket and Plug Combo Polycarbonate

House-14546 $158.00

Blue Sea ELCI 30amp 120V Breaker. Protects your boat and swimmers in the water from being electrocuted


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