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LED Lighting Page


LED Interior Replacement bulbs

House-4328 $39.00

G60 8SMD LED DC medium screw base

House-4883 $30.00

6SMT; Festoon; 0.04 Amp; 44mm

Wedge Base 9SMT Replacement Bulb; 0.06 Amp

House-5231 Warm White $32.00

House-4620 Cold White $32.00

18SMT Screw Base; E12; 0.02 Amps

House-5510 Warm White $35.00

BA9 Mini Bayonet Interior Replacement Bulb; 0.04 Amp

House-4814 Warm White $25.00

BA9 Wedge Base Mini Bayonet Replacement Bulb; 0.04 Amps

House-4620 Cool White $32.00

Dome Light Conversion Kit; 23SMT; 0.36 Amps


House-3124 Warm White; Double Contact

House-7137 Warm White; Single Contact

House-7138 Warm White; G4

18SMT 360 Degree Replacement Bulb; 0.38 Amps

$36.00 each

House-4817 Warm White; Double Contact

House-5231 Warm White; Single Contact

G4 18SMT 360 Degree; Pin Style Replacement Bulb; 0.16 Amps

$35.00 each

House 5136 Warm White

G4 Adapter $5.00

House-4308 Double Contact

House-4309 Single Contact

G4 Interior Replacement Bulb; 10SMT; 0.12 Amps

$30.00 each

House-4882 Warm White; side pin

House-4898 Red; side pin

House-4885 Warm White; back pin

44mm Festoon LED; 0.09 Amps; 2SMT


$30.00 each

360 Degrees; 13 SMT; 10-30volts; 0.12 Amps

$30.00 each

House-10856 Warm White

Wide Angle Reading Replacement Bulb; 7SMT; Waterproof; 0.12 Amp

$39.00 each

House-4310 Warm White

MR16 Dimmable 6 watt Spotlight Replacement Bulb for Halogen & Incandescent; Pin Style

House-1750 Warm White $39.00 each


LED Navigation Lights and Replacement Bulbs

Anchor Light Replacement Bulb; Waterproof; 0.07Amp

$39.00 each

House-1738 Cool White

Nav Light Replacement Bulbs; Waterproof; 0.06Amp; Double and Single contact. 2 NM USCG approved; 12V DC; 7 LED's; 2SMT

$35.00 each

House-5124 Cool White; Single Contact

House-5123 Cool White; Double Contact

House-1958 Red; Double Contact

House-1957 Green; Double Contact

Series 20; 6SMT; Festoon Replacement Bulb; 0.12 Amp; 31mm


House-5413 white

Series 20 Festoon replacement Bulb; 0.08 Amp

$42.50 each

House-2592 Green/Red

Series 20 6SMT Navigation Replacement Bulb; 0.04Amps.

$27.00 each

House-2593 green

House-1736 Red

House-1737 Cool White

Series 25 Dimpled Festoon Replacement Bulb; 360 Degree; Waterproof; 0.07 Amp; 44mm; 2 NM USCG approved; 18 LED's; 12V DC


$47.00 each

House-4810 Red/Green

House-4706 White

Series 25 Replacement Bulb; 360 Degree; Waterproof; 0.07 Amp; 44mm; 2 NM USCG approved; 18 LED's; 12V DC

$47.00 each

House-2192 White

House-1752 Red

House-1751 Green

House-3120 Red/Green

Series 40 Replacement Bulb for Nav Lights; 360 Degree; Waterproof; 0.18 Amp; USCG approved for 2 NM; 12-36 Volt DC with 50 LED's.

50,000 hour life

$67.00 each

House-1740 White

House-2805 Red

House-2804 Green

House-1753 Red/Green/White

House-4705 Red/Green

LED SS Vertical nav Lights

House-4213 $80.00

LED Stern Light with suction attachment

House-3055 $26.00

LED Bi-Color Light with suction attachment

House-5104 $28.00

LED Stern Light with Pole

House-5301 $33.00



LED Rope Lighting and Light Fixtures

Flex Strip; Waterproof; Can be cut every 3 LED's; peel and stick installation

$20.00 per foot

House-4820 Warm White; 0.37 Amp per 1 meter length

House-4880 Red; 0.18 Amp per 1 meter length

House-1514 Green; 0.18 Amp per 1 meter length

House-4717 Blue; 0.18 Amp per 1 meter length

Great Wall LED Strip Light. 1m long X 7mm wide X : 15mm high light angle, 120 voltage: 12V current. Draw 0.55 amp/per meter. Lumens 250 1m/per foot.


$50.00 per meter


New LED Lights; 11-16V DC; 30 Degree Beam; 210 Lumens; 3 watts

11-16V DC; 30 Degree Beam; 210 Lumens; 3 watts.

House-557 $50.00 each

11-16V DC; 30 Degree Beam; 270 Lumens; 3 watts

House-551 $55.00

11-16V DC; 765 Lumens; 9 watt

House-546 $60.00

LED Reading Light. SL-104; Voltage:9-16V DC; 3 watts; Color temp 2700k-2900k. Touch Sensor for on and off

House-172 $50.00

LED Reading Light; SL-102; 11-16V DC; 30 Degree Beam; 210 Lumens; 3 watts; Touch Sensor is illuminated blue

House-3115 $50.00 each

LED Reading Light; 11-16V DC 30 Degree Beam; 270 Lumens; 3 watts; Built in Switch. Entire base is illuminated blue when on.

House-551 $55.00 each

House-16840 $85.00

LED wall mount Reading Light with pivoting head provides a warm glow by Dube Decor. A optional dimmer can be added.

Gold color.

3 watts and have a 50,000 hour lifespan.

House-16841 $85.00

LED Reading Light with pivoting head provides a warm glow by Dube Decor. A optional dimmer can be added.


3 watts and have a 50,000 hour lifespan

9 watt LED ceiling light. 11-16V DC; 765 Lumens. Will require a switch. Has blue side lighting.

House-546 $60.00

LED Touch Tri-Light; 9-16V DC; Modes: night light, low, medium and high. 405 Lumens; Beam Angle: 120 Degrees. Touch Sensor Switch.

House-1082 $70.00

Double SI-DM9 LED Light

9-16V DC; 6*2W

House-12870 $75.00

LED Tri-Light Bar

3.3W; 9-16V DC

House-1082 $70.00

King LED Bar Light

8W; 12V DC


LED recessed accent lights by Cantalupi. Overall size is 3" and oval cutout is 2".

HinJ-3 $25.00 each

8 available

7" X 7" Square LED Dome Light. Built in touch sensor allows for low, medium and high warm white light with a blue night light. 11-17V DC

House-16432 $96.00

Lumitec's Aurora Dome Light is high quality LED dome light. It is bright, with a wide even light.

It has a clean look, an intuitive and reliable switch, and a notable level of quality. It has IP67 immersion protection with multiple color output options and dimming.

Voltage: 10-30vDC; 12vDC Amps: 290mA; 24vDC Amps: 160mA; Color Rendering Index: 70+

House-15972 $99.00

Source LED Dome Light with ON/OFF Sensor and Dimmer. Built in Blue Night Light 2.75" OD

11-17V DC

House-15790 $50.00

Lumitec's Andros Line of Accent/Courtesy Lights are compact, attractive, surprisingly bright.

With a housing of passivated, hand polished or powder coated 316 stainless steel, use inside or out.

Choose white, red or blue light output to illuminate counters, stairs, or companionways. Completely sealed and IP67 compliant. These lights are also suitable for cockpits, hardtops or illumiating helm stations.

Voltage: 10=16V DC. 12V DC Amps: 45mA. 24V DC Amps: NA. Color Rendering Index: 70+

House-16027 $18.25 each


LED Docking, Spot, Work, Under Water and Spreader Lights

Attwood Stainless Steel LED Docking Lights are surface mounted and come with a 10 year warranty.

House-15814 $145.00

31" 180watt Dual Row LED Flood and Spot Light Bar

Cool White; 10=30V DC

House-16255 $360.00

12V LED Remote 360 Degree Spotlight; 100,000 candle power; 30 watts; Waterproof

House-16690 $350.00

18 watt LED Spreader Light; 8-30V DC; Draw: .82 amps; splash and rain proof; includes mounting hardware.

House-12854 $90.00 each

45 watt Spot Beam LED Work Light. 10-30 volts. Measures 6 1/4" X 3 1/4"

House-2691 $175.00

Lumitec Two-Color Engine Room Light. Nevis2's wide even beam illuminates even the furthest dark corners. Completely sealed-USCG recognized as ignition

Perfect for engine rooms, mechanical spaces and wet locations.

Choose white with red for nightime operation, or white with blue for color accent.

Voltage: 10-30V DC. 12V DC Amps: 990 mA; 24V DC Amps: 450mA. Correlated Color Tempaerature: 5000. Color Rendering Index: 70+

House-15973 $172.00

SeaBlaze Mini pack (2 in package) leverages many of the technologies utilized in the world's most popular UnderWater Light.

The SeaBlaze3, to ensure years of trouble free service. With an actual MEASURED output of more than 700 Lumens, there is simply no better value in UnderWater Lighting. Perfect for smaller trailer boats, skiffs or dinghies.

Voltage: 10-30vDC; 12vDC Amps: 990mA; 24vDC Amps: 450mA; Color Rendering Index: 70+

House-15971 $274.00 Sold as a pair.

SeaBlazeX. Completely surface mount.

The SeaBlaze housing is constructed of a carefully formulated bronze alloy with a designed underwater service life of more than 50 years. The circuitry is completely self-contained and tested to rigorous military standards for EMI, transient voltages, temperature extremes, and mechanical shock and vibration. Exclusive thermal foldback ensures the light can operate above water indefinitely without damage. And with a lower profile and smaller footprint than most other lights, mounting options are no longer limited to wide flat transom areas. Nearly TWICE the output of our widely popular SeaBlaze# underwater light with a broad bright beam pattern.

Voltage: 10-30vDC; 12vDC Amps: 3.6A; 24vDC Amps: 1.7A.; Color Rendering Index: 70+

House-16037 $390.00

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