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House-3752 $14.00

Collaspible Bucket

House-2013 $16.00

Marine Tex

3M Adhesive Sealant

House-586 5200 3 fl oz $11.00

House-1464 Fast Cure 5200; 3 fl oz $13.00

House-1465 Fast Cure 4200; 3 fl oz $12.00

House-1466 Fast Cure 4000UV; 3 fl oz $11.50

BoatLIFE Boat Caulk

House-1468 Life Seal Clear $11.00

House-1467 Life Caulk White $11.00

West Systems Epoxy and accesories

House-2702 Epoxy Resin 105; 126.6 fl oz $95.00

House-2303 Fast Hardener; 27.5 fl oz $43.00

House-4634 Fast Hardener; 7 fl oz $43.00

House-2174 Mini Pump Set $13.00

House-869 Syringes $5.00

House-3490 Epoxy Mixing Sticks $2.50

House-7087 Bristol Finish $60.00 quart

House-11468 Bristol Finish $170.00 gallon

Safe Harbor Boat Soap; all natural organic; effective and environmentally friendly; no phosphates;

dissolves and removes spider and insect droppings

House-2012 Organic Boat Soap; qt with sprayer $15.95

House-2366 Organic Boat Soap; 1/2 gallon $26.50

House-183 Sail & Canvas Cleaner; 16 fl oz $11.00

House-5001 Vinyl Cleaner & Polish; 16 fl oz $13.00

House-3163 Waterproof Protectant; 16 fl oz $12.00

House-3164 Heavy Duty Fender Cleaner; 8 fl oz $5.00

House-5058 Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner; 16 fl oz $13.00

House-2960 Rubbing Compound; quart $17.00

House-5157 Cleaner Wax; quart $13.00

House-15424 $14.00

303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner used to pre-clean canvas prior to re-treating. Non-toxic, non-hazardous formula meets and exceeds EPA standards for biodegradabilty. 32 OZ

House-11477 $12.00

Arreospace 303 Protectant is a powerful UV-screening treatment that protects vinyl, rubber, Hypalon, urethane, gelcoat, fiberglass, Lexan and sailcloth. Repells dust, dirt and water spots. Non-oily finish. No harmful silicone oils, pretroleum distillates or waxes. Nontoxic and environmentally safe.

16 OZ

House-2336 $15.00

303 Fabric Guard is a excellent protectant for Sunbrella and breathable foul weather gear. Restores lasting water repellency to marine canvas. Stops leaks and protects against soiling and water and oil-based stains. Resists mildew formation and UV sun damage. One pint treats 75-100 square feet of marine canvas. 16 OZ.

House-15442 $17.00

Spider Away repels spiders with this ton-toxic alternative to lethal insecticides. Safe around pets and children. 22 OZ

House-1707 $18.00

Star Brite Ultimate Corrosion Blocker.




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