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New in the box Seaward Hot Water Heater with hold down brackets.

Seaward 11 gallon . Model S/W S1100

House-12879 $290.00

Measurements are: 16"W X 22"D X 16"H

Seaward 6 gallon. Model F600

House-12960 $248.00

Measurements: 13"W 14"D 13"H

Both models can be ordered with Heat Exchanger ports.

House-2571 $30.00 each

3/16 S/S; 1 1/2" Deck Fill for water, waste, gas and diesel

TMC Bilge Pumps

House-6369 TMC 500 GPH $28.00

House-3396 TMC 1000GPH $32.50

House-5933 TMC 1500GPH $67.00

House-5456 TMC 3000GPH $110.00

House-3752 $20.00

Collapsible Bucket

WinK-764 $150.00

Antique Porcelain bathroom/Head Set. This was salvaged off a early 60's sailboat. Items include sink, towel holder, soap dish and toilet paper holder

Whale Super Sub Bilge Pumps

The narrow low profile automatic compact bilge pump fits deep down in small/awkward bilge spaces; outlet and pump body rotate to suit your installation; has a low power consumption and is easy to clean.

House-11992 $74.00 650gph

House 14517 $117.00 1100gph

DunT-4 $150.00 each

Seaward 304S AC/DC drop in Water Heater Replacement Element. These will work on any Seaward water heater.

Quantity 5

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