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 Safety Equipment

New and Used Type III PFD's in stock

New and used Type III PFD's from children to XXlg adult in stock. $4.00 to $45.00

House-2300 $78.00

New 24" Type IV throwable ring

Used Type IV Horseshoe Throwables

Used Type IV Horseshoe Throwables in stock.

$35.00 and $40.00

House-1562 $65.00

New Emergency Boarding Ladder

House-3339 $24.00

New Mariner 10 Fire extinguisher

House-999 $14.00

New handheld Air Horn with air canister

House-13079 $30.00

This electric horn contains no CFCs, does not leak or have a shelf life.

NEW Hand Held Sport Horn is battery operated, weatherproof, shock resistant and meets the USCG requirements. Requires one 9 volt battery and comes with a mounting belt clip

The ones we have currently in stock are blue.

House-4966 $122.00

NEW Horn, Double Trumpet, 12V, SS 109 Decibles

House-1067 $45.00

Radar Reflector

House-1518 $78.00

4" diameter Radar Reflector

House-12373 $16.00

NEW Smoke & Fire Alarm

House-12724 $105.00

Rescue Laser Flare Magnum. The RLFAA023-01 Rescue Laser Flare Magnum is a hand-held day and nighttime laser signaling device that provides a convenient, effective way to signal a rescue party. It's waterproof, rugged design combines the safety of a laser signaling device with the convenience of a flashlight!

WinT-15 $550.00 each

Mustang Ocean Commander Immersion Suit.

2 available



Personal Flotation Devices

ID Number Description Type Price
RiaD-4 Infant PFD II $15.00
SamC-8 Infant PFD II $10.00 each Qty 2
MacG-139 Child Small PFD II $4.00
KeeJ-27 Child Small PFD III $10.00
ClaD-101 Infnt PFD II $9.00
MahJ-50 Child Medium PFD III $12.50
KuhR-108 Infant PFD II $18.00
RiaD-5 Youth PFD III $20.00
DuiA-2 Child PFD III $8.00
MeyM-4 Infant PFD II $12.00
ZeiP-202 Hybrid Child PFD Hybrid $60.00 each Qty 2
LonR-99 Youth PFD III $10.00 each Qty 3
ZeiP-205 Manual Inflatable Youth PFD Manual $40.00
AdkB-2 Auto Inflatable Youth PFD Auto $55.00
McgD-5 Adult Small PFD III $40.00
GodJ-8 Adult PFD III $12.00
RiaD-8 Helly Hansen Buoyancy Vest   $45.00 each Qty 3
ShiK-49 Adult PFD III $10.00 each Qty2
KeaL-2 Adult Small PFD III $15.00
DolB-131 Adult XXL PFD III $12.00
ClaS-30 Ault PFD III $15.00 each Qty2
RiaD-6 Adult Petite PFD III $15.00
PerR-3 Adult XXXL PFD III $14.00 each Qty 2
LonR-100  Adult PFD III $12.00
PerD-32 Adult Large PFD III $9.00
SchM1-6 Adult PFD III $15.00 each Qty 3
McfR-18 Adult XL PFD III $20.00
SamC-9 Adult Small PFD III $12.00 each Qty 2
CorB-24  Adult XL PFD III $12.00 each Qty2
JohR-5 Adult Meddium PFD III $5.00
LeeM-2 Adult Medium PFD III $10.00
McfR-15 Adult PFD III $12.00 each Qty4
KeeJ-20 Mens XXL PFD   $45.00
KeeJ-19 Ladies Medium PFD III $40.00
JohD-49 Belt Pack Inflatable PFD   $50.00 each Qty 2
HemM-26 Belt Pack Inflatable PFD   $45.00 each Qty2
WenR2-108 Inflatable PFD   $50.00
AllB-22 Inflatable PFD with Harness   $90.00 each Qty 2
DegJ-6 Inflatable PFD   $50.00
LonR-10 Inflatable PFD with Harness   $100.00 each Qty 2
PeB-19 Inflatable PFD   $65.00 each Qty 4
WalJ-11 Inflatable PFD   $65.00
MulE-13 Inflatable PFD   $80.00 each Qty 2
KolB1-49 Inflatable PFD   $90.00


Life Slings

StiBr-14 Lifesling with yellow bag $65.00
RosB-77 Lifesling with yellow bag $65.00
MarP1-38 Lifesling with white bag $65.00
MacG-138 Lifesling2 with white bag $65.00
CaiM-7 Lifesling2 with yellow bag $50.00


Survival Suits



ID # Description Price
TouR-2 Harveys exposure suit; Adult universal $200.00
KeaL-57 Stearns immersion suit; Adult universal $200.00
SulT-196 Imperial survival suit; Adult universal $175.00
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